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Japanese Samurai Cabinet Card

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Westernized Japanes Husban and Wife 13c.JPG

Westernized Japanes Husban and Wife

Japanese Ambrotype - Man and Boy 22b.JPG
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Japanese Ambrotype - Man and Boy

Japanese Ambrotype - The Pilgrimage 44b.JPG
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Japanese Ambrotype - The Pilgrimage

Japanese Ambrotype - Smoking Man IMG_7781.JPG

Japanese Ambrotype - Smoking Man

      This is a very nice unattributed Japanese ambrotype of a young man with an umbrella.  The interesting aspect of the ambrotype is that he is wearing a combination of traditional Japanese (kimono) and western (hat and shoes) clothing. Circa -1880s.  The ambrotype comes in a handcrafted polonia or kiri wood case (Berg 6-138, VR p. 460). The case is 3 1/4 x 4 1/4 inches. The photograph is slightly smaller. The photograph has good clarity and tonality. Both the ambrotype and case are in very good condition.      IMG_7791.JPG